At Al Nahda Hotels & Resorts, we embrace many diverse elements to create sophisticated, elegant and bespoke experiences.

We are iconic luxury resorts and dinings collection focused on individual service, attuned to the demands and lifestyle of today’s discerning individuals and families.

Nestled in an oasis of thirty acres of gardens, enclosed by sprawling greens and clusters of mango trees, Al Nahda Resort & Spa provides the ultimate in tranquility and relaxation.

Located in the beautiful city of Muscat, Oman, The Jungle is a novel casual restaurant created along the tropical rainforest theme amidst lush foliage. 

At the towering natural sand dunes, Dunes by Al Nahda is one of the iconic property in the region. Located a 45-minute drive from Al Nahda Resort & Spa itself in Wadi Al Abiyad, Dunes by Al Nahda is the closest desert resort to downtown Muscat and to the United Arab Emirates, allowing guests

Offering the best in surroundings, cuisine, music and services, Bahja Hall is a richly decorated multi-purpose and well-equipped function room that sets the perfect mood for all your special events. Whether you are looking for a venue for social or professional reasons, it fetches up all your nee

Al Nahda Catering offers you a flexible approach for all your catering needs. Whether you require a simple sandwich buffet delivered to your office, a party at home or a fully served banquet.

Shake up your personal style, surpass your expectations, surprise yourself and others. A luxury House is like a woman: it stays the same, while adapting to its time. In a world of perpetual movement, DESSANGE goes one step further.

Al Nahda Laundry Services

Al-Nahda introduces a much demanded in-house laundry services for its patrons. Visitors and guests alike can now have their laundry washed in 24 hours or less.

URU spa is one of the most exotic spas in Oman. This award-winning Spa has raked accolades for its extra-ordinary variety of massage therapy.

Exuding an air of refinement and embracing the very essence of an enriching lifestyle, Sahab Resort & Spa stands as a haven of opulence and indulgence. With an extensive repertoire of offerings, this exquisite establishment caters impeccably to the desires of discerning esteemed guests.