URU spa is one of the most exotic spas in Oman. This award-winning Spa has raked accolades for its extra-ordinary variety of massage therapy.

The ancient Egyptian therapy is a hot-favorite among tourists for its nirvana-esque after-effects. It is a classic therapeutic massage therapy which nourishes the body with rare essential nutrients that are only found in white sands hand-picked from the Oasis of the desert.

Our masseuse utilizes the deeply held secret art of Egyptian culture that was used by aristocrats or the royal families of the state. At URU spa, only the most authentic oils and potions (which are made organically) are used to provide unmatched level of rejuvenation.

Our Location:

Atana Musandam
P.O Box 169, Postal Code 811
Khasab, Sultanate of Oman
T : +968 2673088
E : stay@atanahotels.com
W : www.atanahotels.com

Dunes by Al Nahda
Wadi Al Abiyad Sands, Barka
Sultanate of Oman
T : +968 9723 5700, +968 9747 9873
F : +968 9747 9640
E : stay@dunesbyalnahda.com
W : www.dunesbyalnahda.com

Al Nahda Resort & Spa, Barka
PO Box 502, Barka PC 320,
Sultanate of Oman
T : + 968 2688 3710, + 968 9458 2970
F : + 968 2688 3175
E : stay@alnahdaresort.com
W : www.alnahdaresort.com